Covid-19 Outbreak

Blackdown Support Group, in conjunction with the Blackdown Practice, local Parish Councils, local churches and other partner organisations are seeking to co-ordinate community response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We would like to identify Volunteer Co-ordinators for small local areas to be a central point of contact for people either offering or requiring assistance. We envisage that these Co-ordinators would cover a street or two, small estate or outside village centres in small hamlets, and could fulfil the following role:

  • Co-ordinate flier drops in their designated area
  • Identify Volunteer Helpers in their designated area
  • Identify those needing help in their designated area
  • Hold a list of contact details for Volunteer Helpers and those needing help
  • Be a central point of contact for both groups
  • Match those needing assistance with a nearby Helper
  • Be a central point of contact for organisations (i.e. BSG, the Blackdown Practice, the Churches) to refer people to
  • Communicate the latest guidance/advice to volunteer helpers

Many groups like this are being established across the Blackdowns and beyond which is fantastic. Where they exist we will make contact and work with those groups, endeavouring to facilitate contact between neighbours both online and offline whilst keeping everyone safe. Where they do not exist we will seek to roll out similar schemes.

We feel very strongly that keeping things as small and as local as possible reduces safeguarding risks for everyone involved.

If you are able to act as a Volunteer Co-ordinator for your local area or you have already set up a scheme of this nature we would love to hear from you. Please contact Elizabeth McNabb ASAP at or call 01823 681 036

If you wish to offer assistance as a Volunteer Helper please look out for communication from your local Volunteer Co-ordinator or send us an email and we will pass on your contact details once a Volunteer Co-ordinator has been identified in your area.

Thanks in advance for your support and community spirit.


TSO Host